Mako Outfitters is a dog ware company started by a family with a history in breeding and raising quality English Labrador Retrievers. Mako was born out of a desire for quality dog ware that lasts.  As we are sure you can imagine, having several dogs out in the country running and playing together, standard collars don’t tend to hold up very well and get dirty and stinky very quickly. In a continuous effort to find quality collars and leashes for our own dogs and puppies, we just so happened to stumble upon a material that is similar but superior to leather, is water-proof and stink-proof, and best of all cleans up very easily. We quickly started researching how to go about making collars and leashes and started gathering the necessary tools and materials to begin making our own dog ware. While also running a cleaning business and caring for our dogs and 3 children we started making collars, leashes, a website and so on to begin this venture. We started out by making just a few collars to use on some of our dogs and made some changes rather quickly to better the quality of our products before starting to build in larger quantities.

Our products are completely custom made by hand and we have so many color options and combinations that everyone is sure to find something they like.

We have high hopes that our desire for quality dog ware will rub off on our potential customers and that you will jump aboard and join the Mako shiver.