BioThane Super Heavy By The Foot

$1.60 - $3.75
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Product Description

The listed price is per foot of BioThane strapping. If you are purchasing more then one foot, you will get your entire quantity as one strap.

Beta BioThane is a soft coating that has the look and feel of leather. It has a low gloss or dull appearance. It is soft and very flexible. The leather embossing gives it the leather look. It will hold its flexibility in very cold weather. Beta is a great choice for making dog collars, leads, waist belts and equine tack. It is waterproof, stinkproof and crack resistant.

This page offers Beta 520 Super Heavy (SH 0.150” thick) in Colors and multiple widths. It is made with B10 webbing which means that it has a 1,000 lb. per inch of width break strength. So a 1" strap has a 1,000 lb. break strength and a 1/2" strap has a 500 lb. break strength